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Category: Outsourced Tax Preparation

Navigating One-Time Tax Forgiveness: Your Guide to Relief and Financial Stability

If you can’t pay your taxes on time, penalties and interest start piling up quickly, making your debt seem even more daunting. It’s a common issue, with the IRS handing out about 40 million penalties to taxpayers yearly, as stated in the Taxpayer Advocacy Panel’s 2020 report. These penalties vary, but the most typical ones […]

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What Happens if You Get Audited and Don’t Have Receipts: A Guide for Tax Professionals

Business owners dread receiving an audit notice from the IRS. However, there’s reassurance in having accurate tax returns and supporting documentation. It provides a strong defense against potential issues. But what occurs if you’re audited without the necessary receipts? The repercussions of lacking proper documentation during an audit can be unpredictable, and it’s a situation […]

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How to File Back Taxes Without Records

Filing taxes as a small business owner is important, but it can get complicated if you’re not ready. Sometimes, you may need to catch up on your taxes. Even if you missed the tax deadline, you can still file back taxes. The real challenge is how to do it when you don’t have your financial […]

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Tax Season Simplified: The Benefits of Outsourced Tax Preparation

Outsourcing tax preparation can offer numerous benefits for CPA & EA firms. Here are some key reasons why these firms should consider outsourcing this crucial task. Improved Efficiency: By outsourcing tax preparation, CPA & EA firms can focus more on their core competencies, such as financial planning and client advisory services. This helps streamline operations […]

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